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New West Experience - About New West Experience

New West Experience


About New West Experience

Experience is what we are about. From ensuring the efficiency and value of your trip, to planning off the beaten path adventures, New West is here to maximize your Montana trip from the second you arrive.

Founder of New West Experience, Will Casella, hails from a long background in international destination management as well as being a die-hard traveler himself. His work experience ranged from Alaska, Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Russia, England, Mongolia, New Zealand, and to the Seychelles. During this time he was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore these and surrounding countries, and was able to gain a unique understanding of what 'experience' is really about. In 2010, he moved to Montana- having found, in his opinion, the perfect balance of natural beauty, variation in  topography, accessible public lands, and unique towns. New West started with the creation of Phasmid Rentals, a rental car agency that also provides rental camping gear, fly fishing gear, and itinerary planning services. In the autumn of 2011, the company expanded with the addition of our first managed property; the Silver Forest Inn.

New West Experience was created in the winter 2012 to fill a niche in the Montana traveler's experience. It was noticed through the witnessing and planning of trips that many gaps were left in the traveler's itineraries that were being filled by the wrong type of experience; whether it was staying at a chain hotel, or driving only on the highways. Regardless, guests were not making the most of Montana.

It is New West Experience's philosophy to assist our guests in getting away from the throngs of tourists and seeing the real Montana; the stunning beauty of our natural setting, our unique small towns, and our countless open spaces- regardless of your budget. 

What New West Experience Does:

+  Do-it-yourself fly-drive Montana adventures. We assist in the planning of your itinerary to ensure you see Montana the way few others do.

+  We specialize in small group travel; family trips, hunting/ fishing trips, photo safaris, glamping, scenic driving, girl's trips, etc.

+  We work only with other locally owned Montana businesses. If you only want to stay at a Hilton, we are not the travel company for you.

+  Our network of providers, from fly-fishing guides, helicopter tours, to accommodations, to restaurants are all well vetted, trusted, and the best in the area.

+  New West's services are only done on a custom basis only to ensure that your Montana trip is planned to balance what you want to do and your budget. 

Give us call at anytime to get an idea of what EXPERIENCE means.

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